Amnesty International Marianopolis

Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization that protects and promotes human rights on a global scale.

Armenian Student Association of Marianopolis

The Armenian Student Association aims to promote Armenian cultural awareness as well as unite fellow Marianopolis students through various events throughout the school year.

Anime Club

The goal of the Anime Club is to bring Anime-appreciating individuals together so that they can enjoy themselves while watching their favorite animes, both old and new.

Board Games Club

The Board Games Club is a fun way for students to relax and enjoy themselves through board games.

Best Buddies

Best Buddies Canada is a national not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to creating friendships between students and people with intellectual disabilities. Friendship makes a difference!

Because I Am A Girl Club

The purpose of our club is to raise funds for Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl campaign. The global campaign’s objective is to give girls in third world countries the opportunity to access education.


Chabad is an internationally recognized Jewish Charity. The purpose of this club is to spread light through learning about Judaism and its traditions, culture and history.

Charity Miles

The purpose of this club is to raise money for a charity of the club’s choosing through physical activity.

Critical Role

Host sessions of Dungeons and Dragons. Be able to reserve rooms so that interested players can enjoy the game without distractions.

Descendants Of The Dragons

The purpose of our club is to introduce Marianopolis students to a Dragon Boat experience and to encourage them to participate in physical activities while having fun.

Filmmaking Club

The Filmmaking Club has the goal of expanding the film-related knowledge of all its members and give everyone a chance to participate and collaborate in the making of a film.

Eldercare Club

The Eldercare Club’s mission is to engage fellow students in volunteering for the elderly community by informing them of the importance of geriatrics, advocating against ageism and raising money for the Jewish Eldercare Center.

Floor Hockey Club

The purpose of this club is to play floor hockey in the gym as intramural games or as a tournament, depending on the players’ choice

Foundation for the Education of Children in Uganda

The purpose of this club is to help raise funds for FECU. FECU is a charity organization that funds the building of schools in Uganda and then sponsors students so that they may afford to go to the schools. 

Franco Club

The mission of the Franco Club is to promote and celebrate “la francophonie” within the College. We will explore different aspects of francophone culture, such as cinema, music, literature, visual arts. 

Free the Children

Free the Children is a club dedicated to raising money for the Free The Children initiative, established to provide schooling, supplies, and other resources for children and families in need.

Girls Ice Hockey Club

The goal of the Girls Ice Hockey Club is to encourage the participation of women in hockey and to have a fun time on the ice!

Gray Matters

The Brain Foundation of Canada is determined to make the journey with a brain tumour one full of hope and support. Gray Matters will work to raise awareness as well as raise funds for this organization. 

Green Team

The Green Team aims to raise social awareness on the environment and enacting measures within our school to be environmentally friendly.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a club dedicated to helping end the housing crisis in Montreal and abroad!

Hellenic Student Association of Marianopolis

Our purpose is to share Greek culture with our fellow students and teachers here at Marianopolis.


The Herstory club is one that promotes education as a means to female empowerment.


The purpose of this club is to be the Jewish voice on campus! We plan to make fun activities that include bringing Jewish life into Marianopolis.

History Club

To further one’s knowledge and appreciation of history.

Humans for Humanity

Overall all humans from any walk of life coming together as one to repair the world with acts of kindness, an ideology called Tikkun Olam. 

Indigenous Awareness Club

This club aims to allow students to take an active stance in the advocacy of Indigenous rights.


To gather all the artists in the school and create an art exhibit.


Jack.org is the only national network of young leaders transforming the way we think about mental health. 

Jam Club

Jam Club will provide aspiring musicians an opportunity for their creative side to flourish as they collaborate on musical projects together.

Jam for Justice

Jam for Justice aims to provide the Marianopolis community with opportunities to perform for various charitable causes, in and outside of school.

Japanese Culture Club

The mission of the Japanese Culture Club is to spread our love for Japanese culture and to meet other like-minded people. 

Kids with Kawasaki Foundation

The Foundation raises awareness for heart disease by empowering youth.

Latin American Culture Club

To showcase cultural diversity at Marianopolis by sharing Latin American culture, cuisine and social issues.

LGBTQ+ Marianopolis

To promote awareness of, provide support to, host events associated with, and represent the LGBTQ+ community of Marianopolis College.


To buy projection rights for a movie or two and for books.

Mahjong Club

The purpose for this club is to gather all mahjong lovers in the college, give everyone a platform to play mahjong and hopefully introduce mahjong to more people.

Make a Wish Foundation

To raise funds for the Make-a-Wish foundation, a non-lucrative charity who grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Mari Sings

The purpose of this club is to provide students who enjoy singing the chance to perform as a group at school and for charity causes.

Marianopolis Bitcoin Club

We will be inviting speakers from the Montreal Bitcoin Embassy to come to Marianopolis to give talks about Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies.

Marianopolis Children's Hospital Foundation Club

Marianopolis Chinese Student Association

The club promotes Chinese culture, encourages team-building, involves students in event planning and organization, extends leadership skills throughout various enriching and challenging activities and  brings students closer to their cultural identities.

Marianopolis Conservative Association

The purpose of the Marianopolis Conservative Association is to create a place where students who share similar views to those of the federal Conservative Party of Canada. The M.C.A. wishes to foster an environment for political engagement amongst Canadian youth.

Marianopolis Dance Crew

To create an environment for people who love all types of dance to have the opportunity to do practice because we believe that it is important for people to be able to do what they love.

Marianopolis Entrepreneurial Association

The goal of this club is to bring in influential business people to come to speak to students either during AP or after school hours for pre-approved conferences.

Marianopolis eSports Club

This is a club dedicated to having fun in games while still retaining a competitive mindset.

Marianopolis First Aid Team

The purpose of the club is to have first aid certified students at shifts during the week in order to treat and help out with any emergency situation that arise.

Marianopolis Global Brigades

This is the world’s largest student-led sustainable health and development organization, the purpose of this club is to organize a Medical/Dental/Public Health Hybrid brigade and to organize the logistics of the trip and to fundraise to cover the costs of required medications and local physicians for the trip.

Marianopolis Hallyu

To hold an end-of-the-year show promoting Korean culture. We also help students to express their passion for singing, dancing and music through teamwork and dedication.

Marianopolis Health Club

To promote healthy living and help support various health causes by raising awareness through club activities and hosting fundraisers.

Marianopolis Italian-Canadian Association

The Marianopolis Italian-Canadian Association’s purpoes is to celebrate the Italian culture and to acquaint Marianopolis students of Italian ancestry with their rich cultural heritage.

Marianopolis Investment Club

To engage students who are actively interested in increasing their knowledge on the financial world, as well as provide them with the opportunity to gain valuable experience.

Marianopolis Montreal Chinese Hospital Club

The purpose of this club is to provide students the opportunity to become a volunteer of the Montreal Chinese Hospital and to fully participate in the inter-generational program at the hospital.

Marianopolis Podcast Network

The goal of this club is to create a network of podcasts.

Marianopolis Powerlifting Club

The club’s goal is to motivate people to develop their bodies through strength training and helping others. Whether you need a spotter for your one-rep-max attempt, nutrition advice, technique correction or a partner to train with, this club has the solution to your problem.

Marianopolis Psychology Club

The purpose of the club is to bring together people with a common passion for Psychology and spark interest in other students and to learn more about the subject and have fun doing it as a way to get much more people involved.

Marianopolis Society of Law

To engage students who are actively interested in increasing their knowledge on the juridical world, as well as providing them with the opportunity to gain valuable experience.

Marianopolis South Asian Student Club

(Desi Club)

Promote South Asian culture and diversity by organizing cultural events and break the cultural barrier and stigma faced in South Asia.

Marianopolis Spoken Work Club

The purpose of the Marianopolis Spoken Word club is to give students a platform to express their emotions without being restricted by a format to follow like poetry, or the need for musical talent like rap.

Marianopolis Talent Show

The purpose of this club is to plan the annual Marianopolis Talent Show.

Marianopolis Trivia Competition Club

The Marianopolis Trivia Competition Club takes part in Reach For The Top, a Canadian trivia championship.

Marianopolis Vegan Club

The Vegan club is to spread awareness on vegan cuisine, the growing Vegan community in Montreal and various restaurants as well as the benefits to eating a vegan diet.

Marianopolis World Review

The Marianopolis World Review is a student-run newspaper that focuses on debating relevant social, political, environmental, and economic issues, as well as covering Congress’ actions and activities that occur on campus.

Marianopolis Young Leaders Organization

The purpose of our club is to introduce students to the world of business counselling and help them develop executive skills for a competitive professional environment.

MariArt Club

To promote the artistic life at Marianopolis, give the people who love visual arts a community that will guide them and a stimulating environment to exercise their imagination.

MariMUN (Marianopolis Model United Nations)

The purpose of the club is to bring together people interested in politics, debating, and the United Nations as a whole.

MBSU Unite

The purpose of the MBSU: Unite (Marianopolis Black Student Association), formerly known as Shades of Nubia, is to discuss with and inform fellow peers about Black culture and the importance of intersectionality in a white patriarchy.

Meditation Club

Find inner peace and a sense of relief amidst the often competitive and stressful environment at Marianopolis by practicing meditation and four slow-moving exercises of the spiritual practice/discipline called Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong).


To work with the organization MEDLIFE and low-income communities in Latin America to improve their access to medicine, education, and community development initiatives.

MI4-Building Bridges

The goal of the Marianopolis Independent Initiative for Interfaith Interaction (MI-4) is to facilitate interfaith and intercultural dialogue and awareness among Marianopolis students.

Mission for Vision

The goal of this club is to fund eyesight surgeries in third world countries

Mission Marianopolis

MPAE Association

The Marianopolis Paris Agreement Endorsement Association (MPAE Association)’s main goal is to raise awareness of global warming and the COP21 among children from everywhere around Quebec.

Muslim Student Association

The purpose of the Muslim Student Association is to bring together Muslims from different backgrounds and cultures at the college, offer Friday prayers at the school and to reach out to those who are not Muslim to clear up common misconceptions in an inclusive and proactive manner.

Native Rights Club

We are here to spread awareness on certain native issues that aren’t spoken/known about and hope to enact positive change in local communities.

NDP Marianopolis

The club is a political based club affiliated with the New Democratic Party of Canada. 

Operation Smile

Raise awareness about the stigma surrounding children with facial deformities (cleft lip, cleft palates), fundraise and enable children in impoverished countries.

OPCM Marianopolis

Recruit and fundraise for the Orchestre Philharmonique des Melomanes.

Pay It Forward

“Pay it forward” Is a non-profit student club with the purpose to create a movement of repaying good deeds to the next one within the student body.

Paws for the Cause

Organize activities involving shelter animals and animal therapy.

Persian Club

The purpose of this club is to gather people who are interested by the persian culture so that we can have group conversations on various subjects related to this rich culture.

Poetry Club

Spread and encourage poetry at the college.

Power to Change

Financial assistance (for those in need) for christian activities, retreats and events.

Photography Club

The purpose of our club is for students to demonstrate their photography skills according to a certain theme that we will chose.


The robotics club is an organized team of hand picked students that compete in a Montreal wide collegiate level challenge.

Running Club

Motivational running club for all levels.

Streetwear Club

Students will share their interests and knowledge on not only streetwear, but on pop culture as well (music, art, memes, trends, etc).

Singers for a Cause

To provide students who enjoy singing the chance to perform as a group at school and for charity causes.

Scientific Journal Club

To discover the scientific world around us illustrated by scientific professionals who help students learn the basics and the more complicated aspects of science.

Students for C.A.R.E.

To offer a wide range of recreational and educational activities aimed at continuing education, enhancing communication, social and physical skills.

Sun Youth Club

The purpose of this club is to actively contribute to the Sun Youth organization and encourage Marianopolis students to help families and individuals in need in Montreal.

Silver Key

Student ambassador and silver key scholarship.

Ski Club

The purpose of this club is to unite all ski and snowboard enthusiasts studying at Marianopolis.

Single Mother's Club

Single Mothers Club purpose is assisting single mothers and children living in poverty in our community.

The Cit-R-Us Club

The Cit-R-Us Club is a youth led movement aimed to raise social awareness and support terminally ill children through creative fundraising and volunteering activities.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

“To give Canadians aged 14-24 a supportive, non-competitive youth development platform that deepens self-awareness, builds confidence and broadens skills and experience to further their growth as active, responsible citizens.”

The Marianopolis Biology Club

We aim to provide a medium for students to gather together, discuss, and share findings about biology.

The Marianopolis Chess Club

Promote the development of logical thinking and mathematical skills through chess at Marianopolis, unite students with a common hobby and most importantly, to have fun!

The Marianopolis Debate Society

To help students improve their debating and speaking skills, expand their worldview and compete in high-level university debate tournaments

The Marianopolis Papercut

Our purpose is to continue the legacy of the Marianopolis Papercut that has been around Marianopolis and is a part of the school’s heritage.

The Marianopolis Tennis Club

The goal of this club is to organize recreational tennis games and to create a competitive team.

The Marianopolis Theatre Company

Marianopolis Theatre Company carefully handpicks the finest talents at Marianopolis College to create mind-blowing musical magic at their yearly shows.

The Programming Club

The club seeks to demystify the world of programming and promote the importance of computational literacy in today’s society: aiming to provide a medium for enthusiastic programmers and apply their computer science knowledge to real world problems.

The SAM Foundation

The purpose of this club is to raise fund for children lacking education of quality, and to entertain them with various activities (SAM: Sport, Art, Music).

The Sleep of Faith

The Marianopolis Napping Association

Our purpose is to create a safe space for Marianopolis students to rest and to take a break from the stress caused by schoolwork.

The Tea Club

The purpose of this club is to discuss and explore the injustices of various cultures all the whilst tasting the diverse teas of the world.

The Universe Club

The purpose is to engage in activities and talks related to popular science, especially having to do with physics and astronomy.

Tinkerer's Workshop

To create an environment where beginners and enthusiasts alike can come together and do robotics things.


The club will connect Marianopolis students with the burgeoning startup community in Montreal.


UNICEF works for a world in which every child has a fair chance in life. The Marianopolis chapter will fundraise and raise awareness to reach that goal.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Urmul Trust Club

Gather donations for Urmul Trust, provide funding support for formation & strengthening peer groups of adolescent girls to end child marriage, support girl education, and more.

United Us

The purpose of this club is to bring awareness of domestic to verbal abuse that women and men suffer.

Veterabs Care Club

The purpose of this club is to increase awareness for veterans by means of fundraisers, which will also help donate to the Veteran’s hospital in the West Island.

Young Executives Business Club

The aim of the club is to build a stronger, better and closer community of like-minded youth who carry an interest in the world of business.