Amnesty International Club

A non-governmental organization which protects and promotes human rights on a global scale. The Marianopolis AI club intends to inform young people of current events and injustices around the world.


An Arab Cultural club that plans on organizing activities revolving around Arab culture and sharing it with the rest of the student body.

Best Buddies

A national non-profit charitable organization dedicated to creating friendships between students and people with intellectual disabilities. Friendship makes a difference!


A club that promotes bubble tea culture, teaches bubble tea lovers about its creation process, and aims to provide bubble tea to Marianopolis students.

Cards and Games Association

Come make friends while playing a variety of different card games! This club will teach card games to beginners.

Chef's Choice

This club teaches members how to cook for themselves, improve their cooking skills, and discover new cultures through food, while communicating its passion for cooking/baking.

Chemistry Club

This club creates an environment for students who are passionate about Chemistry to meet, know and communicate their passion. It provides students with a unique opportunity to experience Chemistry beyond the classroom and helps them enhance their understanding and interest in Chemistry.

Clinical Oncology Donation Association (C.O.D.A.)

This club conducts fundraisers for the Canadian Cancer Society to reduce the number of people who are unfortunately losing their lives to cancer. It will be non-profit and hopefully have a positive impact by organizing activities and seminars to raise money and awareness so that nobody will have to face cancer alone.

Crafted with Love

This club hand-crafts soft plushies and donates them to children’s hospitals.

Descendants Of The Dragons

This club introduces Marianopolis students to the unique experience of dragon boat and to encourages them to participate in physical activities while having fun.


Euphoria is a monthly magazine, full of exciting art pieces(drawings, photographs) and incredible articles, whose topic is not restrained(from poems, short stories to entertaining and scientific). This will be a cross between a serious, informative magazine such as The New York Times and a playful, daring fashion magazine as Vogue.

Film Production Network Club

The club will hold guest speakers which may require financing and potentially for snacks during meetings.

First Peoples Club

This club aims to educate people about First Nations people to the student body at Marianopolis and showcase Aboriginal art, songs, food, traditions, culture and language.

Free the Children

Free the Children is a club dedicated to raising money for the Free The Children initiative, established to provide schooling, supplies, and other resources for children and families in need.

Frisbee Club

Get together and play games of Ultimate Frisbee! This club holds practices every week at Westmount Park and joins a collegial league to play Ultimate Frisbee against other CEGEP teams, such as Brebeuf, Dawson and Saint-Laurent.

Gray Matters

The Brain Foundation of Canada is determined to make the journey with a brain tumour one full of hope and support. Gray Matters will work to raise awareness as well as fundraise for this organization. Additionally, this club will aim to stimulate the scientific interest and involvement of fellow students through seminars about brain tumours and neuroscience.

Green Team

The Green Team seeks to minimize the impacts of the climate crisis and raise awareness among the Marianopolis student body. As a group of students interested in environmental issues, we wish to explore the different changes we can initiate at school, in our daily lives, and in our community in the hope of protecting our environment for future generations.

Hillel Marianopolis

The purpose of this club is to engage Jewish students in Jewish life and to share Jewish life and culture with the student body of Marianopolis. This is achieved by recognizing Jewish holidays and aspects of Jewish culture through events such as lunch-and-learns, speakers, and having a known presence in the College.

Hip Hop Club

The Hip Hop club is a place that provides dancers, rappers, musicians, producers and artists who love hip hop to showcase their talents in a collaborative effort.

Humans for Humanity

H4H Is a club where alll religions, faiths and cultures unite to do good for the world’s global community, our local community and college. Humans 4 humanity is a social awareness, bridge building , volunteering group. Overall all humans from any walk of life coming together as one to repair the world with acts of kindness, an ideology called Tikkun Olam. This ideology and club welcome everyone and purpose is to spread light through learning about each others cultures and through other various was of volunteering and performing acts of kindness within our community and school.

Jack.org: Marianopolis

Jack.org is the only national network of young leaders transforming the way we think about mental health. With initiatives and programs designed for young people, by young people, we will end stigma in our generation. We believe that the inclusiveness of our outreach strategy will shatter the stigma and will lead to real and substantial long-term change. The jack.org vision is “No More Silence” on the subject of mental health.In short, we want to save and improve the lives of young people.

Jam for Justice

Jam for Justice aims to provide the Marianopolis community with opportunities to perform for various charitable causes, in and outside of school.

Japanese Culture Club

The Japanese Culture Club aims to spread their love for Japanese culture and meet other like-minded people.


In collaboration with the Montreal headquarters of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, our club”s main goal is to promote social awareness and host fundraising activities to support type-2 diabetes medical researches.

LGBTQ+ Marianopolis

LGBTQ+ Marianopolis provides awareness of, supports, represents and host events associated with the LGBTQ+ community of Marianopolis College.

Liberal Party of Marianopolis

This club gathers young liberals of Marianopolis who want to see progression and diversity happen in the heart of Canada. The Liberal Party of Marianopolis is a group for individuals with interests in politics, news, elections and/or opportunities to work with the Federal Liberal Party of Canada.

Literature Club

This club explores different perspectives of contemporary and traditional literature, ranging from fanfictions to manga and visual novels. Members of this club are expected to learn to appreciate all forms of literature without restricting themselves to only one piece of literature, while also making links to literature’s influence on modern popular culture and daily life.

MacKay Volunteering

This club brings volunteers to the MacKay School for the deaf.

Make a Wish Foundation

This club raises funds for the Make-a-Wish foundation, a non-lucrative charity who grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Mari Orchestra

This club spreads knowledge and appreciation of classical music through performances.

Mari Sings

Mari Sings provides students who enjoy singing with the chance to perform as a group at school and for charity causes.

Mari's Female Force

This club promotes empowerment and activism on women’s bodies and their rights to choice. In a world where Me Too is prevalent and women are fighting to govern their bodies Mari’s Female Force is a platform for Women to stand by and advocate for their fellow women both locally and globally.

Marianopolis Aviation and Space Association

This club aims to generate interest in the scientific aspect of aviation and space as well as inform members on the many career opportunities the city of Montreal offers in the field of aerospace. Quebec is a global leader in the aerospace industry and the Aviation and Space Association aims to offer an outlet for Marianopolis students to pursue their interests in aerospace as well as create new fans of the field.

Marianopolis Black Student Union

This club raises awareness for issues Black and Black communities face, creates a sense of community for all Black members of Marianopolis College.

Marianopolis Broadcast Network (MBN)

A club that provides a platform for students to express themselves through the creation of media videos. The club also strives to provide an educational experience through film and TV related seminars, competitions and outings.

Marianopolis Children's Hospital Foundation Club

The purpose of this club is to organize fundraising initiatives in order to raise money for the Montreal Children””s Hospital. Through gaining greater student participation, it becomes easier to reach a certain goal in terms of monetary contribution to the hospital.

Marianopolis Chinese Student Association

The Marianopolis Chinese Student Association promotes Chinese culture, encourages team-building, involves students in event planning and organization, extends leadership skills throughout various enriching activities and brings students closer to their cultural identities.

Marianopolis Choir Club

A club that organizes performances during activity period or in the evenings, regular rehearsals and volunteering/charity activities (e.g. Christmas carolling)

Marianopolis First Aid Team

The Marianopolis First Aid Team is composed of first aid certified students treat and help out with any emergency situation that arises at school.

Marianopolis For The Boys Club

This club provides an environment where men are encouraged to talk about their problems and issues, about the pressures put on men to fulfill certain roles in society. This helps guys open up about their emotions and teaches them tools to better communicate and use in other aspects of their life.

Marianopolis Gaming Club

This club aims to provide students of Marianopolis with on and off-campus opportunities to share the passion of Gaming with students both within and outside the College.

Marianopolis Global Brigades

Global Brigades is the world’s largest student-led sustainable health and development organization. The Marianopolis Global Brigades branch organizes a Medical/Dental/Public Health Hybrid brigade every year and plans the logistics of a humanitarian trip.

Marianopolis Hallyu

Marianopolis Hallyu is a group of busy, hard-working and dedicated students united by a common passion for Kpop music and choreography.

Marianopolis Improv Team

An improv team at Mari that plays matches at school.

Marianopolis International Relations Club

A club that offers a neutral forum for members to express interest for international affairs as well as develops an awareness for current world news and the United Nations

Marianopolis Investment Club

The Marianopolis Investment Club seeks to engage students who are actively interested in increasing their knowledge on the financial world, as well as provide them with the opportunity to gain valuable experience.

Marianopolis Language Club

This club aims to increase awareness of the cultural diversity at Marianopolis through language learning and practice, and to foster a community of motivated polyglots.

Marianopolis Learns

This is a YouTube channel where Marianopolis students can peer teach by sending in academic videos that are reviewed and then published online.

Marianopolis Math Club (Marianopolis Mathematics Association)

The Marianopolis Math Club (also known as the “Marianopolis Mathematics Association”) is a club for and by students interested in mathematics! Cool math topics not usually seen in schools will be covered, as well as help in preparing for math contests.

Marianopolis Mixed Martial Arts (MMMA)

This club teaches advanced techniques in various martial arts and how to apply these techniques to real-life situations.

Marianopolis Montreal Chinese Hospital Club

This club provides students with the opportunity to become a volunteer at the Montreal Chinese Hospital and to fully participate in the inter-generational program at the hospital.

Marianopolis Napping Association

This club provides tired students with an opportunity to take a nap during the school day.

Marianopolis Physics Club

This club organizes activities such as making small-scale electrical circuits, launching toy car projectiles, etc.

Marianopolis Ping Pong Club

This clubs unites students who play ping pong and give others the opportunity to learn and develop their skills.

Marianopolis Podcast Network

The Marianopolis Podcast Network aims to create a network of podcasts.

Current executive: Awa Hanane Diagne

Marianopolis Propulsion Labs

This club aims at improving students’ understanding and designs of aerospace technologies, like high altitude balloons or model rockets, to experiment with sensors and electronics in conjunction with the chosen flight system. Once built, the devices will be tested in the field and the design will be modified accordingly.

Marianopolis Research Team

The Marianopolis Research Team will be comprised of a selected team in which a specific scientific topic will be researched with the aim of publishing a paper. The club will strive to provide substantial hands-on experience in scientific fields; allowing the development of their research aptitudes alongside insight into possible career paths. Simultaneously, accommodating those interested in research an online outlet (website) on which they can publish scientific articles.

Marianopolis Society of Law

The Marianopolis Society of Law aims to engage students who are actively interested in increasing their knowledge on the juridical world, as well as provide them with the opportunity to gain valuable experience.

Marianopolis South Asian Student Club (Desi Club)

(Desi Club)

This club promotes South Asian culture and diversity by organizing cultural events and breaking the cultural barrier and stigma faced in South Asia.

Marianopolis Spoken Work Club

The Marianopolis Spoken Word club gives students a platform to express their emotions without being restricted by a format to follow like poetry, or the need for musical talent like rap.

Marianopolis Talent Show

The purpose of this club is to plan the annual Marianopolis Talent Show.

Marianopolis Trivia Competition Club (Reach For The Top)

The Marianopolis Trivia Competition Club takes part in Reach For The Top, a Canadian trivia championship.

Marianopolis Vegan Club

The Vegan club spreads awareness on vegan cuisine, the growing Vegan community in Montreal and various restaurants as well as the benefits to eating a vegan diet.

Marianopolis World Review

The Marianopolis World Review is a student-run newspaper that focuses on debating relevant social, political, environmental, and economic issues, as well as covering Congress’ actions and activities that occur on campus.

Marianopolis x Red Cross

This clubs provides students with opportunities in which they can volunteer and contribute to those in need, locally or internationally. Its mission is to act as a contributor towards the Red Cross or its affiliates.

Marianopolis Young Conservatives

This clubs represents the Conservative movement on campus. Everyone is welcome to have an intellectual discussion and join the club on single issues.

Marianopolis Young Leaders Organization

The Marianopolis Young Leaders Association introduces students to the world of business counselling and helps them develop executive skills for a competitive professional environment.

MariArt Club

MariArt promotes the artistic life at Marianopolis; it gives people who love visual arts a community that will guide them and a stimulating environment to exercise their imagination. 


This club spreads knowledge about international forms of film and encourages people to make and create their own works of film.


This club enhances student life and community interactions, fosters a safe and inclusive environment for all people and breaks down language barriers in the community and the college.

MariMUN (Marianopolis Model United Nations)

MariMUN brings together people interested in politics, debating, and the United Nations as a whole.


This club engages in activities and lectures related to popular science, especially having to do with astrophysics and astronomy.


This club provides students who enjoy singing the chance to perform as a group and/or solo artist, to gain visbility in the music/performance industry, to learn about performing outside and in school.


The MEDLIFE club works with MEDLIFE and low-income communities in Latin America to improve their access to medicine, education, and community development initiatives.

Current executives: Samyar Mahmoudi, Maathumetha Ponnambalam, Emily Clement, Amélie Barsoum

Music Band

This club aims to form a music band, perform monthly, participate in the talent show and showcase original music.

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association brings together Muslims from different backgrounds and cultures at the college, offers Friday prayers at the school and reaches out to those who are not Muslim to clear up common misconceptions in an inclusive and proactive manner.

NDP Marianopolis

This club is a politics-based club affiliated with the New Democratic Party of Canada.

News Discuss

Students in the club will share a news they found in different ways (newspaper, media, etc.) each week, and others in the club will have a discussion based on the news.

Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a club that raises awareness about the stigma surrounding children with facial deformities (cleft lip, cleft palates) and organizes fundraisers for children in impoverished countries.

Paws for the Cause

Paws for the Cause organizes activities involving shelter animals and animal therapy.

Photography Club

The Photography Club allows students to demonstrate their photography skills according to certain chosen themes.

Power to Change

This club provides financial assistance for those in need through Christian activities, retreats and events.


The Robotics club is an organized team of hand picked students that compete in a Montreal-wide collegiate level challenge.

Sex & Gender

This club is first and foremost dedicated to the study of sexuality and gender, providing a safe and welcoming space for students interested in the topic to learn about it : to read about it, to talk about it openly, to engage with their peers on an academic level, and to learn from experts.

Shenanigans Club

This is an outlet for students to feel less stress and pressure from the everyday life of a CEGEP student through silly activities to promote a less serious environment and will revolve around the idea of carpe diem.

Silver Key

Silver Key is a club of Marianopolis student ambassadors. The club also fundraises for a Silver Key scholarship.

Street Roses

The purpose of this non-profit organization is to raise money through fundraisers in order to then distribute food and necessities to the homeless people of Montreal.

Student Vote

A club that educates students on the importance of voting.


Technovation empowers young women to become leaders, creators and problem-solvers through technology. Its goal is to promote entrepreneurship, technology, and overall interest in STEM to young women worldwide. We plan on recruiting young women from Marianopolis and helping them throughout their app-making journey with the Technovation program.


This club organizes a TEDx event at Marianopolis.

The Hellenic Association

This club aims to share Greek culture with fellow students and teachers at Marianopolis.

The Knitty Gritty

A friendly teach-yourself club dedicated to knitting, sewing, embroidery – all things fibres – who will get together and share knowledge on needlework and do crafty things. We will maybe do potlucks too.

The Marianopolis Biology Club

The Marianopolis Biology club provides an environment for students to gather together, discuss, and share findings about biology.

The Marianopolis Chess Club

The Marianopolis Chess Club aims to promote the development of logical thinking and mathematical skills through chess at Marianopolis, unite students with a common hobby and most importantly, to have fun! 

The Marianopolis Debate Society

The Marianopolis Debate Society helps students improve their debating and speaking skills, expand their worldview and compete in high-level university debate tournaments. 

The Marianopolis Theatre Company

The Marianopolis Theatre Company carefully handpicks the finest talents at Marianopolis College to create mind-blowing musical magic at their yearly shows. 

The Pink Plan

The purpose of this club is to bring awareness to the fact that women who are in bad situations, such as homelessness, don’t have access to basic hygienic products and toiletries. We also hope to raise funds to purchase and donate these items to women living in local shelters.

The Programming Club

The Programming club seeks to demystify the world of programming and promote the importance of computational literacy in today’s society: aiming to provide a medium for enthusiastic programmers to apply their computer science knowledge to real world problems.

The Shoebox Project

The Shoebox Project, Supported by Dream, collects and distributes gifts in the form of shoeboxes to women in need across North America. Each Shoebox is filled with items valued at approximately $50 that can enhance confidence and reduce feelings of isolation for women in crisis

The Thought Marianopolis Discussion Club

The Thought is a club dedicated to the promotion of polite debate, healthy discourse, and diversity of opinion on campus and outside of it.

The Unheard Voices Book Club

The purpose of this club is not only to encourage reading and to meet people who share the same literary passions as yourself, but also to promote diversity in literature and to allow people to discover a wider range of perspectives and voices.

The Universe Club

This club aims to engage in activities and talks related to popular science, especially having to do with physics and astronomy.

Current executives: Hongda Li, Arash Soren Khosravi

The Woke Folk

The Woke Folk is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2018. Its mission is to bring educational opportunities to marginalized communities and to encourage youth leadership through a diverse set of projects that change on a yearly basis. For the first year (2018-2019), the goal would be to fund the education of seven girls in seven third world countries and to launch a mentoring project that aims to help young immigrants (two projects on four).

Urmul Trust Club

This club gathers donations for Urmul Trust, provides funding support for formation & strengthening peer groups of adolescent girls to end child marriage, supports girl education, and more. 

Wellness Club

This club teaches students different techniques on stress and anxiety management through exercise, guided meditation, soul food and memes

Werewolf Club

This club enhances intelligence education and interactive communication while maintaining recreational activities during busy studies.

Women In Science, Empowered (W.I.S.E)

WISE is a club to empower women and other underrepresented minorities in the field of science.