October 25, 2019

Marianopolis Student Union Congress

2019-2020 Academic Year

10th Meeting

Location: Marianopolis College, on the traditional unceded Indigenous lands of the Kanien’kehá:ka/Mohawk Nation

Day: October 25th, 2019

Time of Start: 4:20PM

Facilitator: Aria Khiabani

Meeting type: Weekly

Note taker and timekeeper: Zhenling Wang

List of attendees (Congress members): Aria Khiabani, Andrew Petrecca-Berthelet, Ying Ge, Amanda Morrone, Michael Chalkhoun, Darya Jabbari, Cherry Sun, Zhaoran Wu, Zhenling Wang, Laurence Liang, Steven Gong, Ying Chen

Regrets: Misha Fotovati

List of attendees (guests): Mahin Sekendra

Student Services Representative: Trudy Ste-Croix

Quorum: 7


Agenda Items



  • Call to Order


The Regular Weekly Marianopolis Student Union (MSU) Congress Meeting of October 25th, 2019, was convened at 4:20 P.M. by President Aria Khiabani.



  • Roll Call of Members


The MSU Congress Members who are present at this meeting are: Aria Khiabani, Andrew Petrecca-Berthelet, Ying Ge, Amanda Morrone, Michael Chalkhoun, Darya Jabbari, Cherry Sun, Zhaoran Wu, Zhenling Wang, Laurence Liang, Steven Gong, Ying Chen



  • Guests presented by Aria Khiabani


The guests who are present at this meeting are: Mahin Sekendra, a representative from the Marianopolis World Review, and Trudy Ste-Croix, the Student Services Representative.



  • Approval of last meeting’s Minutes


The Minutes of the Regular Weekly MSU Congress Meeting of October 18th, 2019 were written by Ying Chen and Zhenling Wang. These Minutes were approved by President Aria Khiabani on the 25th of October, 2019.



  • Approval of the Agenda


The Agenda of this day’s meeting has been unanimously approved. 



  • Unfinished Business and General Orders




  • New Business




  • GA pm presented by Michael & Ying G.


About 75 to 80 people attended the General Assembly Extension on October 22nd. The ideas of pausing the Assembly midway for students to eat and integrating the GA into the Law, Society and Justice Certificate were very efficient. Student lounge is a good option for non-mandatory General Assemblies in the future since it’s more casual. 

The MSU Congress will be hosting 2 mandatory Annual General Assemblies every year. 



  • Major Plan Update presented by Aria 


Aria was informed by another representative of Major Plan that the “opt-in” option proposed by the MSU Congress is not available. Major Plan is one of the two main companies offering student group insurance in Canada. 

Major Plan offers an inexpensive price as well as to come to Marianopolis physically to educate students on their services. The reimbursement of the “opt-out” option that Major Plan offers is processed online, only requiring the individual’s student ID and banking information used to purchase the insurance. The “opt-out” period is roughly 20 days but it is malleable. They send notifications of the insurance plan by MIO.

The MSU Congress agreed to vote on this issue in future meetings. 



  • Cafeteria Concerns presented by Misha 


The details of this point has been sent to the Congress group chat due to absence of initiator. This business will be further discussed textually on the Congress group chat or to be discussed at a later date.



  • Bixi station near school presented by Ying C.


Someone has requested through the MSU mailbox to have a Bixi station near Marianopolis. In fact, there’s a Bixi next to metro Villa Maria and a JUMP bike station near campus. 

Cherry volunteers to purchase a lock with two keys for the MSU mailbox.



  • Community garden presented by Ying C.


The Community Garden was initiated by Norma Vite-Léon and approved by the administration. The organizing committee would like to have a meeting with all interested staff, Congress and the administration and take actions as soon as possible in order to have a first harvest by next year.They plan on using Smart Pots and locating the garden approximately next to the college parking lot. Social Justice committee is very interested in collaborating with the initiative. 

The group wanted to carry out a trial period first during the summer. Since the majority of the school year is in the winter, it might not be easy to manage the garden and it won’t be as fruitful during the school year. 



  • Bake sale bowls and plates presented by Ying C.


The Green Team have suggested Congress to invest in having reusable plates and bowls that belong to Congress. Congress will lend out these reusable utensils to the clubs having bake sales. People can borrow these plates when they purchase baked goods and are expected to return them as soon as possible before the end of the day. Clubs will take care of cleaning the plates. Trudy said that there will be a kitchen with a sink coming in the A1 wing so cleaning of the plates won’t be problematic. 

To address the possibility of people not returning plates, Congress will be first applying the honesty system. If the system works, napkins will be gradually eliminated at the bake sale. If this system fails, Congress will consider to take down student IDs of all borrowers or a pricing system. 

Ying G. will buy about 20 plates for the current trial period, communicate with the club executives about this new system and label the plates with sharpies.

Congress motioned to vote on purchasing roughly 20 plates owned by Congress for the trial period 




  • Halloween Decorations and Candy by Michael


Michael, Misha and Amanda will purchase the Halloween decorations this weekend. The Congress Office and student lounge are allowed to be decorated but need to be taken down before next Friday for Open House. 

On Tuesday, candies bought by Trudy (300 pieces bought at $30) will be sold at the movies in the student lounge. Cherry and Andrew plan on selling 4 or 5 candies for a certain amount, which will be donated to charity. 

On Thursday October 31st, candy will be given out for free both in the Congress Office and the student lounge. Congress will also be hosting a costume contest, collaborated with the literature club, to give out prizes to best costume ideas. More posts and advertisements need to be made to encourage people to dress up since last year very few people dressed up. 

Andrew will reach out to Photography Club to take pictures of people who dress up at the Halloween Carnival. 



  • Sustainability Focus Group presented by Aria


Adam Reider have been working on a sustainability project. Their committee is looking for 2 student members from Congress and/or the student population to participate. Their first meeting will be held on Nov. 12th. Darya will be on the committee and reach out to the social justice committee to see if anyone is interested. 



  • COAC Meeting Sunday, October 27 update by Laurence


The next COAC meeting will be held this Sunday. 

During the last meeting, the representatives had an informative session with DEC through a video call on the mission of the organization.

Laurence will follow up on a contact list of different congresses. The potentiality of a joint-cegep climate action plan or sustainability plan will be brought up at the next meeting. In regard of COAC’s monthly initiatives, the MSU Congress is open to broad ideas and would like to learn about other cegeps’ ideas and initiatives as long as they can be enforced. 

The inter-collegial jamming session, collaborated with Jams4Justice, will take place on Nov. 17th at Place des Arts metro station. 



  • Vanier Halloween Party Agreement Modification by Laurence


Misha has sent Vanier an agreement in regard to the Vanier Halloween Party. The Vanier College Student Association changed the way they were addressed from “Vanier College” to “Vanier College Student Association” in the agreement.



  • Westmount food waste collection by Laurence


Laurence suggested to place a compost bin at Marianopolis since Westmount collects compost on a weekly basis. However, two years ago the college has already attempted a compost system but encountered many problems with correct composting. Westmount refused to pick up the compost for one week, which resulted in a vast contamination and the failure of this system.

Darya and Andrew are planning on proposing to have a compost bin for compostable utensils at the next Food Committee meeting. They are also planning on requesting to have one more meeting with the cafeteria to address the public display of allergen statement in the cafeteria. 



  • Halloween Week presented by Cherry and Andrew 


On Tuesday, Congress will be showing the movie Evil Dead and selling bubble tea at $4 per cup. The estimated profit of $400 will be donated to charity. 

On Wednesday, there will be 7 pumpkins in student lounge for people to carve and decorate. 

On Thursday, Congress will be hosting a Halloween carnival fair where clubs are invited to carry out their own Halloween-themed activities (halloween-themed). Congress will also have its own booth and activities and put the blue Congress banner on the top of the entrance of student lounge to increase Congress visibility. Andrew has invited a face painter to come in at around 9am. The therapist dog Buddy will also come in on Thursday and dress up as a lion. 



  • End of Semester party presented by Andrew


Andrew is planning for the End of Semester Party to take place on Dec.19th, the day after the last exam. The venue is in Griffintown, very close to public transportation, and costs about $4400 to $4600 including cleanup. Congress will be purchasing alcohol separately. Misha and Andrew will work on applying for an alcohol license. 

For the past few years the party only allows 18 and above students to enter and requires an ID at the door because of the presence of alcohol. However, Congress would like to make this year’s party as inclusive as possible and to include people who are below 18 years old. Different ideas to manage were proposed, such as to implement a wristband system but for people who are allowed to drink, to organize a separate party for people underage, etc. Trudy points out that a cash bar will be much easier and safer than an open bar, especially if students under the age of 18 were allowed. 

Last year’s coat check was very unorganized. Instead of Congress members volunteering, this year Congress will be hiring professionals to take care of the coat check so all Congress members could actually participate and have fun as well. 

This year the ticket costs around $15 to $20, much cheaper than in the past, which cost around $35 to $40. 

Congress is considering to sell cheaper tickets for people who don’t plan on drinking at the party. 

Andrew will start planning on marketing at the beginning of November. On a side note, alcohol is not allowed to appear or to be mentioned on any physical posters at the college. 

Students from other colleges might be allowed but the MSU Congress will have to be responsible for whoever enters the party. 



  • Movember presented by Andrew


Andrew will further discuss the details with Cherry. Congress will collaborate with a local barber shop, House 99, to offer free haircuts at the beginning of the month. 



  • (Quick point) Activities filtering update presented by Andrew


Most of Congress have helped Andrew filter the social activity ideas. He will be going through them to once again and filtering the feasible ones. 



  • Varia
  • Mid-November club relay by Laurence


MariSpace wants to organize a relay race between clubs, either in the gym or outside the school. Andrew will further follow up. 



  • Movie passes by Trudy


Trudy offers Congress 10 free movie pass packages with 2 movie passes each to the premier of the movie, which will be played next Wednesday. Congress is considering to offer them to the student population as prizes. People can buy candy on Tuesday and put down their name to be drawn and win the movie passes. 



  • Whiteboards next to Wayne’s by Ying G. 


Whiteboards are only supposed to be for decoration purposes but Congress is allowed to use them.


  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn – Passed (unanimously)


This meeting was adjourned at 6:04 P.M. 

Total duration: 1 hour and 44 minutes

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