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David Cao
David CaoPresident
The chief executive of the Marianopolis Student Union, the President oversees the activities of Congress and ensures that Congress upholds its core values of transparency, community, and accountability. The primary spokesperson and representative of the MSU, the President also acts a Director on the Board of Governors of the College.
Meghan Couture
Meghan CoutureVice President
Officially known as the Vice President of Administrative Affairs, the VP serves as the primary liaison between Congress and the MSU’s student clubs. Working with Club Executives, she is tasked with maintaining an enriching and engaging student life for all students of the College. Acting as the Interim President when the President is unable to fulfill his duties, the Vice President is also granted a seat as Director on the Board of Governors of the College.
Thomas Braun
Thomas BraunVice President of Finance
The Vice President of Finance is responsible for overseeing the financial operations of all MSU Clubs. As Chair of the College’s Finance Committee, the Vice President of Finance is also tasked with, among other things, managing the budget of the MSU, filing all budget requests, and presenting accurate financial reports to members of Congress.
Mia Chen
Mia ChenCoordinator of Communications
A second year position, the Coordinator of Communications manages all Congress, you guessed it, communications. Chief among her duties are managing the Congress website and various social media, coordinating with communications clubs such as the PaperCut and MWR, and maintaining student bulletin-boards, posters, and advertisements. The Coordinator of Communications also acts as the Chair of both the Yearbook and Technology committees.
Si Ming Lin
Si Ming LinCoordinator of Student Advocacy
The student body’s first and foremost representative, the Coordinator of Student Advocacy is responsible for safeguarding the rights of students at Marianopolis. Working towards nurturing and strengthening the community of the College, the Coordinator conducts surveys to identify student needs, develops new projects and programs with Student Services, and coordinates with service clubs (i.e. First Aid). Most importantly, the Coordinator of Advocacy updates and manages the legal codes of Congress and provides council and assistance to students seeking advice on academic grievances and affairs.
Elizabeth Hua
Elizabeth HuaCoordinator of Social Justice
A second year position, the Coordinator of Social Justice promotes awareness of social justice issues among the student body through special events, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns. In doing so, she ensures that all events and activities are carried out in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. As part of her mandate, the Coordinator of Social Justice also acts as a member of the Greening Marianopolis sub-committee and as Chair of the Social Justice Committee.
Neil Cordingley
Neil CordingleyCoordinator of Social Activities
The Coordinator of Social Activities is tasked with creating social activities to enrich student life at the College. In conjunction with the Vice-President of Finance, the Coordinator of Social Activities also oversees expenditures on events and parties hosted by Congress. He is the Chair of the Social Activities Committee and works alongside the Member at Large, who is the Vice-Chair of the committee.
Jerry Zhu
Jerry ZhuCoordinator of External Affairs
The Coordinator of External Affairs is in charge of managing external relationships between the Marianopolis Student Union and other CEGEPs and Universities in and around Montreal. A first year elected position, the Coordinator ensures the representation of MSU interests among both public and private institutions. An executive member of the Coalition of Anglophone CEGEPs, (COAC), the Coordinator of External Affairs is required to organize at least one major intercollegiate project in the year.
Aria Khiabani
Aria KhiabaniCoordinator of Internal Affairs
A recent addition to Congress, the Coordinator of Internal Affairs occupies an important position in managing the legal affairs of the accredited Union. In particular, the Coordinator serves as a legal consultant for all activities of or relating to Congress and its governance of the student body.
Wenhan Hu
Wenhan HuCoordinator of Cultural Affairs
A first year elected position, the Coordinator of Cultural Activities is responsible for enriching student life at Marianopolis through cultural events, parties, and fundraisers celebrating the diverse cultural heritage of students at Marianopolis. As Chair of the Cultural Affairs Committee, the Coordinator works alongside the Campus Ministry Office as a representative for ethnic and religious clubs.
Sophie Cao
Sophie CaoCoordinator of Charities and Volunteering
Established in order to foster global citizenship and a greater sense of giving among the students at Marianopolis, the Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering is a first year elected to establish and maintain contact with charities in and around Montreal. The Coordinator is responsible for providing volunteering opportunities to the students, and works closely with both the Campus Ministry and the Student Life Animator in organizing Congress fundraisers and events, the profits of which are partially donated to selected charities. The Coordinator also doubles as the Chair of the Charities Committee.
Ying Chen
Ying ChenAdministrative Assistant
The official secretary of Congress, the Administrative Assistant keeps records (Minutes) of Congress meetings. Working with the Coordinator of Communications, the Assistant distributes Minutes and receives and processes mail directed to or sent from Congress. The Assistant is also required to maintain a Task List, an official list of all pending Congress tasks to be posted in the Congress Office and brought to Congress meetings.
Louis Yoon
Louis YoonMember At Large
A jack of all trades, the Member at Large supports Congress members in their roles. As the Vice-Chair of the Social Activities Committee, the Member at Large is required to participate actively in the organization of at least one major event per academic semester. The Member at Large is also expected to assist in the promotion of Congress initiatives and assisting specific Coordinators based on their needs.