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The Marianopolis Innovation Hub

The Marianopolis Innovation Hub provides the necessary assistance to support students with visionary projects.


The Marianopolis Innovation Hub aims to increase the impact and sustainability of Marianopolis student projects. Too often, Marianopolis cegep students who aspire to work on visionary projects lack crucial resources, such as mentorship, financial support and visibility, that can determine the end result of student projects. As a result, the Marianopolis Innovation Hub will connect Marianopolis students with accessible mentors, reachable financial support and relevant audiences that will contribute to the fruition of Marianopolis student projects. 

In addition, thanks to the large network of Marianopolis alumni, the close relationship that Congress has with the College administration and external entrepreneurial organizations, and the nature of the Innovation Hub that connects students with existing external accelerators rather than competing against them, the Marianopolis Innovation Hub promises to be a relevant and rapid platform for Marianopolis students to deploy their visionary ideas and positively impact a larger audience outside of the College.

Get Involved

Students: Students are the driving force behind the projects that will reimagine and impact the world of tomorrow. To receive the invaluable support that the Innovation Hub can offer, sign up now through this form! (link)

Mentors: The Innovation Hub welcomes mentors from all backgrounds and experiences to support student projects. To accelerate students to the next level, sign up now through this form! (link)

Investors: Investors play a critical role in fuelling ideas to reach their full potential. Feel free to connect with the Innovation Hub team, we’d love to we’d love to find ways to slingshot student projects.

Media: Projects from the Innovation Hub originate from powerful ideas. As a result of their unique nature, these projects overflow with visionary products that are valuable opportunities for media.

Accelerators: Because the Marianopolis Innovation Hub is only the first step, if you are an accelerator that can offer specialized support for specific projects, please get in touch with the Innovation Hub team, we’d love to look into ways to propel student projects forward.


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