Adam Simatos

Letter of Intent

for the Vice President of the MSU


Why do I want to be Vice President of Administrative Affairs?

I’ve always dreamt of politics. I’m a person with ideas and a strong drive to see them through Furthermore, as time advanced

and I was studying here, I started to get involved within the student Congress, be it by running for Coordinator of External

Affairs in the Fall, or helping out the Charities and Volunteering as well as the Cultural Affairs committees at any time I

could (the Coordinators of both committees, respectively Meghan Couture and Yiwen Chen, can attest to this). Moreover, the

Vice President of Administrative Affairs’ job involves dealing with clubs in an important measure. I myself belong to a dozen

different clubs, and understand their inner workings. Because of my deep involvement within clubs, and my passion to see

them do what they do best, I simply know that I can help them moving forward, and assist them in their different problems.


Why do YOU want me to be Vice President Administrative Affairs?

Besides my motivations mentioned above, I also have skills and affinities that will help not only the Vice President position,

but the whole of the MSU Congress as well. Firstly, I am able to converse in four languages: English, French, Arabic and

Mandarin Chinese, of which the first three I am fluent in, and thus, aids me in communicating with students from many

other countries and ethnic backgrounds, which is perfect to be able to represent a culturally diverse MSU. Secondly, I have

the necessary understanding of club operations, as I am being officiated as President of the eSports Club and am very

involved in MariMUN, two very large clubs with an important standing within the student body. I also understand that many

smaller clubs with a lot of ambition simply do not have the necessary resources to do so, and I intend on resolving this issue

as much as I can should I be elected, because wasted potential is one of the most saddening things to observe. All should be

able to follow their passions, and create a club of like-minded people to do the same.


In conclusion, I feel that with the skills, experience and knowledge I bring to the table I would be a great asset to the

Marianopolis Student Union Congress and I welcome the opportunity to prove this.


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