Alexandra Mircescu

Letter of Intent

for the Vice President of the MSU

To the Marianopolis Student Union,


I am writing to state my intent of running for the elected position of Vice President of Administrative Affairs. Considering

my extensive student involvement in school and prior volunteer experience with various populations, I hope to earn the

opportunity to play a more active role within the student community.


As Vice President, I would like to focus on improving accessibility, student life and opportunities offered by Congress to the

student body. Being part of the Honours Health Science program has brought in particular to my attention the high demand

in opportunities for research and internships outside school. Conceptualizing and implementing such initiative

definitely holds a value in an ambitious student like me.

As an active member in four clubs at Marianopolis , the First Aid Team, Medlife, the Biology Club and Descendants of the

Dragons, in addition to the Demons badminton team, I have not only acquired in-depth knowledge of the Congress’ modus

operandi, but also developed an acute sense of organisation. I also feel like my volunteering experience at the Royal Victoria

and Montreal General Hospital have deeply ingrained interpersonal skills such as active listening into my personality.

Within the Marianopolis Student Union, I hope to put these skills into practice in a manner to nurture effective and

meaningful communication for a better Congress.

Finally, it would be an honour to be elected as Vice President and I sincerely hope you take part in the election process and

consider me for your vote.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Alexandra Mircescu

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