David Cao

Letter of Intent

for the President of the MSU

Dear Students of Marianopolis:

Through endless midterms and incessant construction, we have all lived through an eventful year at Marianopolis. Through

dedication, passion and perseverance, we have carved memories that will last lifetimes. It is in this spirit that I wish to have

the honor to make your next year at Marianopolis a truly unforgettable experience.


I wish that you may give me this chance to represent your interests, your rights, while simultaneously making student

congress more accessible, student life more vibrant, and student opportunities more frequent. My goal is no less than to

bring a smile on students’ faces and to share my love for this college with everyone else.


Planning, listening, leading. Albeit, not easy tasks. I believe I have acquired extensive experience that will allow me to turn

these challenges into opportunities. For instance, my term as  Coordinator of External Affairs has taught me the ins and outs

of congress, allowing me to set realistic goals and to efficiently accomplish them. Through my experiences as VP of

Marketing in my  student enterprise and as concert master of the West Island Youth Symphony Orchestra, I developed an

acute sense of cooperation, team managing and building.


While some may present me as overly ambitious, I have always believed that challenges are mere gateways to success. Thus,

it is with this mentality that it would be an honor for me to serve the students of Marianopolis as President of the MSU. As

George Bernard Shaw said, “[They] see things; and [they] say Why? But I dream things that never were; and I say Why not?”


Yours Sincerely,

David Cao

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