Dima Romanov

Letter of Intent

for the Vice President of the MSU


Dear Marianopolis Student Union,


Marianopolis’ student life is a crucial part of our CEGEP. Clubs, activities and accommodations play a huge rule not only in

our life, but they also influence our performance. the person who is responsible for coordinating clubs and supporting

President in his duties, Vice President of Administrative Affair is tremendously important, and as


Since the first day of school I have been actively involved in school life, and thus, I cannot abstain from the possibility of

improving Marianopolis College through a further involvement. Consequently, I intend on becoming a next year’s Vice

President of Administrative Affairs. I sincerely desire to contribute more to the student body, bring new ideas and

implement new projects with a goal of improving student life.


After an almost full year of studying in Marianopolis, I gained a lot of new skills and experience which complement my past

competences and make me a more than a qualified candidate for the aforementioned position. Through participation in

numerous clubs, including Debate, Math, Model United Nations, I gained knowledge required for the position of Vice

President of Administrative Affairs. Moreover, my experience in working with Congress as a member of Cultural Affairs

Committee gave me more insight towards understanding the role of this position. Thus, I believe that I will be more than a

competent candidate for this position, and I hope that next year I will be able to prove this.


Thank you for considering!



Dima Romanov

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