Eric Zhuang

Letter of Intent

for the President of the MSU


Dear Students of Marianopolis,


This campaign promises to be very competitive since all the candidates for president are very qualified and motivated. For

that reason, I know I can’t get your approval by shouting louder, or by waving around more significant, impossible promises.

Skills and merits will decide this campaign. And that, my fellow students, is why I believe I should be the next president.

The position of president, as is evident, is a very involved position. You never have a break between meetings, obligations

and responsibilities. I have a lot of experience working in high-stress, very demanding, and strict environment because of my

experience in the hotel industry. Having worked as a hotel assistant manager for many years, I am experienced in managing

anxiety and stress levels well above the standard student’s capacity. I have always strived to improve myself and my raison

d’être always has and will be to be better than I was yesterday. With not only your encouragement, but also your support and

trust, I believe that I can be in return, your platform where your opinions will be heard and where your opinions will matter.

It is time to make changes that suit your taste, changes that will not waver, changes that will be solid to support present and

future students. Together, let’s be more than just a school, let’s be a community where even the smallest voices can have a

platform to talk and express themselves. I believe that changes should be made, but what kind of changes? I believe that part

of our school’s identity is composed of numerous numbers of clubs that make it shine. I believe that if I become

the president, the increase of the budget of each club is a necessity to contribute to the growth of our college and to make it

better than before. Many more positive changes are still to be told and made, but unfortunately, I am restricted to this one

page; therefore, with your faith, I believe we can accomplish many more than words can describe.


Yours sincerely,

Eric Zhuang

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