Marysa Sen

Letter of Intent

for the Vice President of the MSU

Dear Students of Marianopolis,


I know that our time in CEGEP is relatively short and stressful compared to the ones spent in High School or will be spend in

University. Therefore, why not make the best out of it? I believe that our goal during CEGEP, or our transition to the real

world, would be to balance every aspect of our life no matter what happens, we, as individuals, should persevere and to do

that, our rights must at least be respected.


Organized, perseverant, attentive and optimist are traits that would describe me best. I understand that the position of Vice

President is not easy and requires a lot of patience and organization skills due to the amount of work that has to be fulfill, but

I can handle it. In stressful situations, I will remain calm, keep a clear mind and prioritize and complete tasks based on the

weight of its importance and its deadline. As I mentioned, attentive is another important trait that one should have to

represent us, students. It is your thoughts that matter the most. I think that it is important to regularly consult you since you

are the one that any member of the Congress is representing. Moreover, as a first-year executive of the Montreal’s Chinese

Hospital Club at Marianopolis, I have developed many skills and knowledge concerning club management at our school and

how everything works. Furthermore, I believe that every club in our school, small or big, should have a voice and should be

treated equally, not only clubs, but students as well.


Promises can easily be said and easily be broken as well. To appear good, one would make any kind of promises. However, I

do not function that way. Whatever I say, I do it. I always do something until the end no matter hard it is. I would never leave

something undone.


As I am aware that representing the student body is not an easy task. However, I will make sure that our rights are properly

respected as students during our time span at Marianopolis


Yours truly,

Marysa Sen

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