Meghan Couture

Letter of Intent

for the Vice President of the MSU

To Whom This May Concern,


The reason for which I am formally addressing the Marianopolis Student Union is to demonstrate my keen interest in the

elected position for Vice President of Administrative Affairs on student congress, and to make evident why I am a fitting

candidate for such position. Currently finishing my first year studying Liberal Arts and serving student congress

as Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering, I am deeply interested in student relations, and within that same respect,

would be honoured to serve the MSU to the maximum of my capabilities.


As Coordinator of Charities and Volunteering, I have had the opportunity to serve the MSU as a chairperson for various

charities events. Going on small group volunteering trips, helping organize the Shave to Save Fundraiser and hosting various

creative events within the school, I have grown and learned immensely from this experience. Improving my

interpersonal, organizational and strategic skills, the past year has been extremely rewarding. However; after having the

opportunity to interact with an extremely diverse platform of students from different programs, I feel it necessary to voice

my ideas as well as the concerns of all students at Marianopolis. Having this fuelling my electoral platform, I hope to be able

to realize the platform ideas cultivated by myself and my partner Michael Murphy discussing and influencing change on

campus issues, keeping students aware of what’s going on in our campus and continuing the unfinished projects of the

former President and Vice-President Ramiz A. Razzak and Jia R. Shao.


As the Vice President of Administrative Affairs, I will work with the VP of Finances to reach realistic and agreeable

compromises regarding club funding, maintaining proper communication with various clubs and maintaining an engaging

student life at the college.


Thank you for your consideration,

Meghan Couture

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