Ricky Liu

Letter of Intent

for the President of the MSU


Dear Marianopolis Student Union,

I am submitting this letter with the intention of applying as a candidate for the MSU elections

2018, for the President position. In this letter, I will elaborate on my aptitudes as a qualified

candidate and briefly but comprehensively describe my campaign platform.

As a first year student at Marianopolis College, I believe to have developed many aspects of my

character, such as my time management, my organizational skills and my relationships with

others. I have taken every available opportunity to involve myself inside the student body,

including participation within clubs such as MariMUN and DoD, engagement with fundraisers

like Leucan and taking initiatives such as the Resturant Shi Tang delivery service.

I come from a relatively small local high school, where I have gotten a few opportunities to

execute projects. My most notable political leadership experience in high school lies in my active

involvement and advocacy within my cohort and alongside the director. My small-school

academic upbringing would allow me to relate better to students in similar situations, and to

better understand their transition to Marianopolis.

My campaign will focus mainly on advocating for a more convenient and efficient STM shuttle

bus system, promoting and adding recognition for the MSU and student services through

internet, reforming the student lounge with more leisure and more durable furniture/games and

modifying club budgets, especially for smaller clubs, to encourage and facilitate their growth.

Thank you for your time,

Li Qi Liu

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