February 21, 2020

Marianopolis Student Union Congress

2019-2020 Academic Year

20th Meeting

Location: Marianopolis College, on the traditional unceded Indigenous lands of the Kanien’kehá: ka/Mohawk Nation

Day: Feb. 21st, 2020

Time of Start: 4:25 PM

Facilitator: Aria Khiabani

Meeting Type: Weekly

Notetaker and timekeeper: Zhenling Wang

List of attendees (Congress members): Aria Khiabani, Amanda Morrone, Michael Chalkhoun, Cherry Sun, Zhaoran Wu, Zhenling Wang, Laurence Liang, Steven Gong, Ying Chen, Ying Ge

Regrets: Darya Jabbari, Misha Fotovati, Andrew Petrecca-Berthelet

List of attendees (guests): Patrick Samaha

Student Services Representative: Trudy Ste-Croix

Quorum: 7


Agenda Items



  • Call to Order


The Regular Weekly Marianopolis Student Union (MSU) Congress Meeting of Feb. 21st, 2020, was convened at 4:25 P.M. by President Aria Khiabani.



  • Roll Call of Members


The MSU Congress Members who are present at this meeting are: Aria Khiabani, Amanda Morrone, Michael Chalkhoun, Cherry Sun, Zhaoran Wu, Zhenling Wang, Laurence Liang, Steven Gong, Ying Chen, Ying Ge



  • Guests presented by Aria Khiabani


The guests who are present at this meeting are: Patrick Samaha, a representative from the Marianopolis World Review, and Trudy Ste-Croix, the Student Services Representative.



  • Approval of last meeting’s Minutes


The Minutes of the Regular Weekly MSU Congress Meeting of Feb. 14th, 2020 were written by Zhenling Wang. These Minutes were approved by Aria Khiabani on the 21st day of February 2020.



  • Approval of the Agenda


The Agenda of this day’s meeting has been unanimously approved. 



  • Unfinished Business and General Orders




  • New Business
  • Jam session PM by Laurence


A jam session took place in the student lounge on Tuesday, Feb. 18th. In total 6-7 people played. 2 guitars, a piano, and 2 microphones were provided. 

Laurence thinks there’s room for improvement for future events like this. This event was a bit rushed in terms of planning thus didn’t receive a high turnout. 

Aria organized the Coffee House event last year and shared some experience on the planning of similar events. They reached out to individual performers and set time slots for each performance in advance. 

Laurence is suggested to consider hosting this year’s Coffee House during the last week of March. He will also attempt to get Starbucks sponsorship.



  • Love Letters PM presented by Laurence


The COAC Love Letter project has received 22 responses in total. Most participants are from Marianopolis. Some messages were filtered due to irrelevance but overall there were no negative messages. 

In the case of a similar project in the future, Congress suggests COAC launch it near the end of the semester since the last one has just finished. Laurence will also look into finding a relevant initiative as the theme of the future project.



  • Finance Update by Amanda 


The Financial Policy Committee has finished reviewing and allocating grants and loans for all clubs. In total, $28537.52 was allocated and $5650.00 was given out as loans. The details will be published by tomorrow night. 

The MSU variable rate GIC account has been opened and has a current amount of $70,000, transferred from the chequing account. The annual interest of 1.25% is estimated to be $875.

In order to formally keep track of records, club executives will be reminded again to fill in the reimbursement Google forms instead of private messaging Amanda.



  • Room & White Board rules check presented by Aria 


Congress members and their friends are allowed to leave their personal items in the room but must clean up the public working space properly. Congress members should not be leaving their friends alone in the office.

The whiteboard will be mainly for urgent and recent tasks. There will be a separate section dedicated to next week and long term tasks. Members are welcome to erase the tasks they’ve completed and feel unnecessary to appear on the board. Stephanie will be responsible for drafting a working task list by communicating with Congress members over the weekend as well as reminding them of their tasks. 



  • MSU sign update presented by Aria 


The MSU sign was ordered in the wrong size due to misunderstanding of the requirements. Aria and Patrick will work together to purchase a new sign. The purchased sign will also be put into use and be displayed on top of the office door.

Trudy will follow up with the frosting screen on the door that has been previously requested by Congress.



  • Office hours presented by Stephanie


The finalized version of office hours has been posted physically on the bulletin board, on Congress door as well as on the MSU Facebook group. Congress members are expected to fulfill their office hours. In the case of unavailability, Congress members should put a post-it next to the physical office hour posters. 



  • PJ’s and pancakes – doodle by Trudy


Next Tuesday is PJ day and pancake morning. Ying C. will be in charge of the Facebook advertisement. 

Pancake distribution will start at around 9:30 and end at 12:30 in the student lounge. There has been misreported information in the last MWR’s Weekly Congress Review. 

Trudy is interested in proposing to give out extra pancakes for people who dress up in PJs.

Learning from experience, the student services department will make sure to separate Nutella, peanut butter, and maple syrup to prevent cross-contamination. 

Congress members are welcome to sign up for pancake shifts and help distribute.



  • Cyber Bullying – Police Feb. 25th AP by Trudy


The Student Services department has invited police to raise awareness on cyberbullying and how to resolve it on Feb. 25th. They will be given a booth at Alcove from 11 am to the end of AP. One will be in uniform and one will be in civilian clothes. 



  • Anti-Bullying Campaign – Pink T-Shirt Day Feb. 26 (Gratitude Board) by Trudy


The Student Services department is encouraging people to wear pink shirts on Pink T-shirt Day in support of the anti-bullying campaign. 

There will be a gratitude board in the student lounge for people to write down thankful messages. 

They are working on raising awareness about the Random Act of Kindness Week. 

Cherry proposes to collaborate with student services and give out free cotton candy for whoever wears pink, in support of the breast cancer campaign. She will discuss further details with student services to see if the activities are too jammed. 



  • Job fair by Laurence


During the planning session at the beginning of this semester, Laurence has proposed to organize a job fair. He has booked the student lounge on Thursday, Mar. 12th. 

The event will be mainly hosting representatives of volunteer programs, internships, and job opportunities. 

Congress suggests Laurence reach out to the Alumni Office about possible alumni who would like to participate. Michael will also refer Laurence to a financial assistant that he knows of. 

Laurence will also consult Adam and Cherry for volunteer opportunities. 

Laurence will advertise MariWorks at the event and potentially invite employers from there.  



  • Dungeon inventory presented by Ying G.


Executives of many clubs have already visited the dungeon and reported their inventory by filling out a Google survey. Congress now has relatively detailed records of items in the dungeon. Many things that aren’t in good condition or in use are thrown away. 

Congress members are recommended to visit the dungeon and know what items can be used for Congress.

DOD is giving away 7 trophies that they do not want anymore. Congress can reuse the trophies by replacing the plaques for other initiatives.



  • Varia
  • Survey Update presented by Michael


The student advocacy survey is still available to fill out. Congress members are suggested to invite people they know to fill out a survey in order to spread awareness for MSU merch and study nights. 



  • Chris Funk performance by Trudy


Trudy watched Chris Funk’s performance at Champlain College. Around 100 people attended the 1-hour show. Trudy thinks it was very different and interactive. Chris Funk is a potential entertainer that Congress can invite in the future.



  • Adjournment


Motion to adjourn – Passed (majority/unanimously)


This meeting was adjourned at 5:06P.M. 

Total duration: 41 minutes

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