July 20, 2020

Marianopolis Student Union Congress

2019-2020 Academic Year


Location: Marianopolis College, on the traditional unceded Indigenous lands of the Kanien’kehá:ka/Mohawk Nation
Day: Monday, July 20
Time of Start: 5:10 PM
Facilitator: Laurence Liang
Meeting type: Weekly
Note taker and timekeeper: Laurence Liang
List of attendees (Congress members): Zhaoran Wu, Maria-Vera Azadian, Tristan Boucher, Emanuel Cosimo Curto, Misha Fotovati, Laurence Liang
Regrets: Mahmuda Sekendra-Mahin
List of attendees (guests): Si Wen Shen from MWR
Student Services Representative: Trudy Ste-Croix
Quorum: 7

Agenda Items

  • Call to Order

The Regular Weekly Marianopolis Student Union (MSU) Congress Meeting of July 20, 2020, was convened at 5:10 PM by President Laurence Liang.

  • Roll Call of Members

The MSU Congress Members who are present at this meeting are: Maria-Vera Azadian, Tristan Boucher, Emanuel Cosimo Curto, Misha Fotovati, Zhaoran Wu, Laurence Liang.

  • Guests presented by Laurence Liang

The guests who are present at this meeting are: Si Wen Shen, a representative from the Marianopolis World Review, and Trudy St-Croix, the Student Services Representative.

  • Approval of last meeting’s Minutes

The Minutes of the Regular Weekly MSU Congress Meetings of July 6, 2020 and July 13, 2020 were in process of being written by Laurence Liang. The approval of the minutes will be pushed to be approved on July 27, 2020.

  • Approval of the Agenda

The Agenda of this day’s meeting has been unanimously approved. 

  • Unfinished Business and General Orders
  • New Business
  • SJ Committee Projects update presented by Tristan
    Tristan has selected the members of the new Social Justice Committee: Makéda Ékoué, Roselyne Du, Minna Feng and Kim Savaria.

    Tristan and the SJ Committee will be working on 5 projects: a Green Space, the Anti-Racism Campaign, Tell Me a Story, the Website for Access to Counselling, and lockers outside the locker rooms for gender neutrality and safety.

    Tell Me a Story aims to safely share stories of people who have lived through experiences of any types of injustice (including racism and sexual harassment), and will take place on Instagram. For safety purposes, participants will be anonymous.
  • Welcome back event presented by Tristan & Zhaoran
    Tristan and Zhaoran propose providing gifts: 250 hand sanitizers, 250 masks, 500 metal straws and 500 tote bags (correction: as of July 27, the 500 metal straws and 500 tote bags are replaced by 500 mini phone holders).

    For food, Tristan and Zhaoran propose distributing cotton candy, ice cream, and have a food truck such as Beaver Tails.

    Zhaoran also proposes having an escape room on campus. The costs will be 375$ for 60 people for one activity, and 500$ for 150 people for another activity.

    The projected overall cost is 4000$: 2000$ for food and activities, and 2000$ for gifts.
  • Congress communications presented by Maria
    Maria asks if there is a need to create a Google Form for Congress members to submit requests for making posters related to Congress events. The consensus is that it’d be more convenient for Congress members to reach out to Maria directly about poster requests rather than submit their request through a form.
  • MariMeet presented by Zhaoran

Zhaoran proposes to host MariMeet at a park with pizza and ice cream. An idea was raised during this discussion about having polaroid photographs being processed, but some disadvantages to having a polaroid photoshoot include the cost of polaroids and whether participants might be willing to be photographed. Alternative solutions include asking participants to pay for the polaroid photographs or printing photos on paper instead.

  1. COCA vs events by ourselves by Zhaoran
    Zhaoran asks whether it would be less expensive to organize social activities with Congress and Student Services, than to organize social activities with COCA (the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities, https://coca.org).

    Trudy mentions that COCA offers many events, roughly once per month, and that it would be possible to organize an event with COCA if the conditions match (price range and interest to the student body).

    COCA’s primary audience is university students. In the past, COCA has had recognized musicians and other performers on their social events.
  2. Tech Committee presented by Laurence

Laurence asks if anyone has any projects that they’d like the tech committee to work on. Tristan brings up the idea of creating a website where students can anonymously access counseling services.

  • Varia
  1. Orientation Update presented by Trudy

Trudy asks for Congress members who would be interested to help out during August 17, 18, 19, 2020 during First Year Orientation. Due to Orientation happening over the course of three days, and because student volunteers are paid by Student Services exceptionally for this year, Trudy says Congress members who volunteer will be paid by Student Services. Trudy asks Congress members to give her recommendations of second years who would be interested to volunteer if the possibility arises.

  1. Joint BLM post presented by Laurence
    Laurence presents an update about the BLM statement. Laurence says that Mau has been in contact with Kathryn, and that Kathryn will make a joint BLM post on the College’s Twitter.
  1. Logos contest presented by Laurence

Laurence proposes creating a Congress website for Congress’ project-related logo competitions. Trudy suggests to keep in mind that submitted logos might not always be the best option or fit for what Congress has in mind, and that it’d be convenient to have alternative options.

  1. Britney the Bunny presented by Tristan

Tristan has a new, very cute bunny.

  1. MariMeet photos presented by Zhaoran

No new elements introduced.

  1. COCA vs events by ourselves by Zhaoran

No new elements introduced. 

  1. MWR questions by Siwen
    Si Wen from MWR asks what Congress’ take is on the College administration’s decision not to lower tuition fees or to provide a refund for last semester’s transition to online teaching. Laurence responds that his personal opinion is that there it is unlikely that the administration will deliver either of these options because the operational costs and salaries for teachers and staff, which Congress does not have access to, remain unchanged. Laurence states that if the student body starts a petition to ask for lower tuition fees or for a refund, Congress would have an obligation to act accordingly to the MSU Constitution by holding a GA or referendum as deemed necessary. Laurence also notes that the per-semester student union fee might be lowered during the Winter 2021 semester to adjust for Congress’ financial situation, but the cost remains to be published.

    Si Wen also asks how events like Join a Club Day would take place. Trudy answers that Join a Club Day is still happening, though how it will occur is to be announced.
  1. Update on Student Advocacy Committee
    Misha selected the members of the Student Advocacy Committee in the past week. Misha lists projects that the committee is working on: hoodies for Marianopolis students, a welcome booklet for incoming students, increasing visibility for scholarships and bursaries for CEGEP students, a Green Space, and more developments on mental health.

    Misha how the 124 shuttle bus will work, the answer is that the 124 shuttle bus will occur during the 2 weeks of in person activities.
  • Adjournment

Motion to adjourn – Passed unanimously

This meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM. 

Total duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes.

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