September 22, 2017

Marianopolis Student Union Congress

 2017-2018 Academic Year

6th Meeting

Location: Boardroom

Day: September 22, 2017

Time of Start: 4:19 P.M.

Facilitator: Ramiz A. Razzak

Meeting type: Regular Weekly

Note taker and timekeeper: Jasmine Kotsiopoulos

List of attendees (Congress members): Yiwen Chen, Neil Cordingley, Meghan Couture, Michael Di Giorgio, Elizabeth Hua, Jasmine Kotsiopoulos, Abhinav Pal, Ramiz A. Razzak, Veronica Rodighiero, Jia Rong Shao, Yi Sen Wang

Regrets: David Cao and Linda Zhu

List of attendees (guests): Ousmane Diagne (Marianopolis World Review Representative)

Student Services Representative: Kristen Whitelaw

Quorum: 8

Agenda Items

    I. Call to Order

The Regular Weekly Marianopolis Student Union (MSU) Congress Meeting of September 22, 2017, was convened at 4:19 P.M. by President Ramiz A. Razzak.

    II. Roll Call of Members

The MSU Congress Members who are present at this meeting are: Yiwen Chen, Neil Cordingley, Meghan Couture, Michael Di Giorgio, Elizabeth Hua, Jasmine Kotsiopoulos, Ramiz A. Razzak, Veronica Rodighiero, Jia Rong Shao, Yi Sen Wang.

    III. Guests presented by Ramiz A. Razzak

The guests who are present at this meeting are: Ousmane Diagne, a representative from the Marianopolis World Review, and Kristen Whitelaw, the Student Services Representative.

    IV. Approval of last meeting’s Minutes

The Minutes of the Regular Weekly MSU Congress Meeting of September 15, 2017 were written by Jasmine Kotsiopoulos. These Minutes were approved by Ramiz A. Razzak on the 22nd of September, 2017.

    V. Approval of the Agenda

The Agenda of this day’s meeting has been unanimously approved.

    VI. Unfinished Business and General Orders

           A. Final Cultural Affairs Committee Members Confirmation presented by Yiwen Chen

Yiwen confirmed her committee for Cultural Affairs which includes Jia Rong Shao and Jasmine Kotsiopoulos, two Congress members, and Jackie Cho, Stella Maria, Dima Romanov and Ruth Zaid.

Motion to approve the members for the Cultural Affairs Committee – Passed (unanimous)

           B. Final Charities and Volunteering Committee Members Confirmation presented by Meghan Couture

Meghan confirmed her committee for Charities and Volunteering which includes Guillaume Bouchard, Ceylan Borgers, Anika Della-Cioppa, Chang Heng Mo, Sunnie Kim, Bonnie Luk and Ousmane Diagne.

Motion to approve the members for the Charities and Volunteering Committee – Passed (unanimous)

           C. Psychological Harassment Vote presented by Michael Di Giorgio

Michael did not receive any new information and is in the process of choosing a date to meet with his committee which has seven people total, two students and five HR staff.  The vote is moved to next week’s meeting.

    VII. New Business

           A. Charities Update presented by Meghan Couture

Meghan had her first Charities and Volunteering meeting on Friday, September 22nd, 2017 and explained that her committee will be fundraising for the Montreal Children’s Hospital based on the votes from the Marianopolis Student Union Facebook page.  She spoke with the manager at David’s Tea about selling tea at school for fundraising purposes; all she must do is complete a form and speak with the hospital about fundraising, and David’s Tea will provide free tea.  Kristen mentioned there may be an issue with the cafeteria.

           B. Gym Bags presented by Neil Cordingley

Still need to decide on the colour of the bags. Neil will be bringing in a quote, including shipping, within the next couple of weeks as well as a sample of the colours.

           C. Costco Membership presented by Neil Cordingley

Neil is going to call Costco to get more information because the website is unclear.  We would be looking at purchasing four or five cards.  The cards would be $60.00 each.  Neil will be asking about Congress potentially having a business membership card.

           D. Petition for Flexible Classrooms presented by Elizabeth Hua

Elizabeth presented a petition that was given to her by a teacher, Vanessa Sasson.  The petition is to introduce a flexible classroom at Marianopolis that would include different areas with couches and desks to promote a more comfortable and open space for students.  Congress has decided to remain neutral with the petition.  We are neither for or against it and will present it to students.

Motion to remain neutral with the Flexible Classrooms Petition – Passed (unanimous)

           E. Cultural Fashion Day presented by Yiwen Chen

Yiwen hopes to have the event on October 10, 2017, during Activity Period.  The event would encourage people to wear their own tradition clothing/cosplay and the best costume or most representative of their culture would win a prize.  The idea of advertising the events to cultural clubs was brought up to introduce a competition between clubs.  There will be posts on the “What’s Up” beginning next week and posters to follow.

    VIII. Varia

           A. Suit Up Day presented by Jia Rong Shao

We ask all students to dress up in business casual attire, take picture or post them on the Marianopolis Student Union Facebook page.  There will be two winners: whoever has the most likes and Congress’ choice.  The potential prize is a $50.00 gift card.  Elizabeth Hua volunteered to organize this event.

           B. Facebook Page presented by Yi Sen Wang

Yi Sen wants to improve the Facebook page and figure out an organized system for clubs to advertise their events.  He brought up the issue of requiring media consent from students in order to post pictures of students on the page.

           C. Announcement presented by Kristen Whitelaw

Kristen announced that Trudy will be coming back the first week of October which means that that week will be Kristen’s last week with us.  Her last meeting will be October 6, 2017.

           D. Quicken presented by Abhinav Pal

Abhinav can only access Quicken, a program used to organize Congress’ budget and financial information on the school computer, and presented the idea of purchasing the license under Congress’ name instead of the school so that he can have it on his computer and with him to track the expenses all the time.  This will also be easier for future VPs of finance.

Motion to purchase Quicken for VP of Finance on Congress budget – Passed (unanimous)

    IX. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn – Passed (majority/unanimous)

This meeting was adjourned at 5:56 P.M..

Total duration: 1 hour and 37 minutes.

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