Jasmine Liu

August 23, 2018

Dear Students of Marianopolis,

I am writing to inform you of my interest in running for Coordinator of
Cultural Affairs for the Marianopolis Student Union Congress.

Why? You might ask. We all know that Marianopolis is a multicultural
school: people from all around the world come here to study (hard) in order to
go to university. Therefore, we need to make sure to offer a harmonious
environment where the rights of all students are valued and respected, no
matter who they are and where they come from. With that being said, I think
that I may qualify for Coordinator of Cultural Affairs for multiple reasons.

First of all, I have a cultural background that comprises two
nationalities. I was born in Beijing, China and lived there for three years until I
came to Montreal. Even though I didn't stay long in my native country, I am
always passionate about learning more about the Chinese culture by
attending various traditional events, such as the Chinese Lantern Festival, the
Dragon Boat Challenge, the Chinese New Year, by learning Mandarin and by
returning to China frequently. Therefore, I stay open-minded towards all
cultures, not only my own, even though I am most familiar with Montreal and
its customs.

Given that I am curious about being acquainted with a plethora of new
cultures and traditions, I love to travel around the world. For example, I went
on a cultural trip to Mexico this spring and volunteered in a
kindergarten/preschool. This trip made me realize how rich and colourful is the
Mexican culture, and how warm-hearted are the civilians. I travelled to Europe
this summer and got the chance to visit numerous museums and architectural
treasures. Quite different from Mexican culture, French and Italian art are
extremely impressing and grandiose, with a lengthy historical background.

Finally, I am involved in my community by participating in numerous
extra-curricular activities that promote equality and justice among people. For
example, I was a member of Amnesty International at school, which is a non-
governmental organization that protects human rights by organizing campaigns and fundraisers. Furthermore, I am a member of the Model UN,
which is a debate club where delegates learn about international relations and
diplomacy in the United Nations to solve many problems encountered by
world leaders in order to maintain peace and justice. I also helped create a
promotional video for the Foundation MUNTU, which is a non-profit
organization aiming at encouraging young people to promote equality and
ending poverty in Black communities. Finally, my secondary five personal
project consisted of interviewing six immigrants from different countries for the
purpose of creating a twenty-minute long documentary that denounces
discrimination faced by immigrants in Montreal.

In light of my passion, creativity and enthusiasm in addition to my
persistent involvement in extracurricular activities, I can say that I have a
strong urge to increase awareness among my peers on the subject of racial
equality in order to make our school a harmonious haven.


Jasmine Liu

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