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Zexi Li
Zexi LiPresidential Candidate
Dear Marianopolis Student Union,

I am Zexi Li, a first-year student in Honours Commerce, running for the position of
president of Congress. I am writing to express my interest to act as Marianopolis’ spokesperson for the upcoming 2020–2021 mandate.

I am aware you are all worried about your future. CEGEP is not only a time for you to
explore possible paths as a citizen, but also a moment to reflect upon yourselves, yet, your entourage keeps adding pressure that takes the form of schoolwork and expectations on you. Nevertheless, Marianopolites are relentless and they yearn to take on such tasks all at once, seeking to attain heights above and beyond this world, which I think is a wonderful purpose to have. Hence, this is why I want to smoothen that journey for you to the best of my abilities.

I pledge I will converge all of my efforts to carry on the campaign I will have proposed
and answer your concerns judiciously to enable you to focus on the matters you care about. Thus, I will ensure to represent you appropriately and coordinate effectively Congress’ activities with the administration by dint of versatility and transparency, which I acquired through involvement in diverse projects. Thank you for considering my candidacy as Congress’ upcoming president.

Best regards,

Zexi Li

Rachel Tang
Rachel TangVice-Presidential Candidate
Dear Marianopolis Student Body:

My name is Rachel Tang and I am an Honours Commerce student. I am writing to express my interest in the position of vice president of Congress. In this letter, I would like for you to get to know me, and to understand my motivation behind applying for this position.

In November 2019, I became an executive for Mari’s Got Talent. I was in charge of
communications between the performers and the executive team, prepared the essential documents for Join-a-Club Day, and collected people’s soundtrack for their act. Recently, I got promoted to director and editor-in-chief of Euphoria Magazine. I was particularly invested in the process of creating the final product, and also managed the photoshoot by summarizing the necessary details in a document, and opened the Euphoria Facebook page where the magazine issues will be posted.

The job of vice president entails acting as the liaison between clubs and Congress. Being
part of Congress would therefore allow me to bridge my insights from its perspective and the perspective of the clubs—which I have gained from my experience managing Mari’s Got Talent and Euphoria.

Cegep is a stressful time for everyone—preparing for exams, applying for universities,
gaining work experience—so I hope that I can help everyone enjoy their college adventure, namely, through clubs. I am tremendously eager to learn more about the diverse purposes and goals of all of them, which would enable me to better represent the student body and to assist you all in your academic journey. For this reason, I’d like the opportunity to continue to improve Marianopolis’ distinctively vibrant student life.

Thank you for considering my application!

Rachel Tang

Daniel-Jiajun Yu
Daniel-Jiajun YuPresidential Candidate
Dear Students of Marianopolis,

The last couple of weeks have truly been quite stressful, especially with the soaring
numbers of COVID-19 cases around the world, and particularly Montreal. Through these tough times, something truly magical occurred: we, students, all came together as one to support each other and to find solutions to a problem we have never faced before. It is my intent, as President, to work with other distinguished Congress members and the Student Body to enhance this sense of community and teamwork in hope for a better tomorrow, for all of us.

This desire to implicate myself has always been present in me, whether it be through the
numerous clubs I actively participate in, most notably as Director of Communications of the Rotary Club, Director of Finances of Marianopolis’ Female Force, a fellow Silver Key member and dedicated members of MariMUN and DoD or the initiatives I partake in as a member of the Youth Advisory Board of the City of Pointe-Claire.

I intend on applying the same values that defined my leadership in these valuable roles,
dedication, open-mindedness and teamwork, in a Presidency defined by concrete actions, a fight for our rights, and total transparency. Of the many realistic initiatives I propose, I would like to implement an Emergency Task Force and have its Action Plan instilled within our Constitution to refine Congress’ already great initiative of transparency by ensuring that the results of our communication with school officials and petitions during Emergency situations be shared, to make you, my priority and to establish a clear and organized Plan for future Emergencies.

It’s Time.

Sincerely yours,
Daniel-Jiajun Yu

Mahmuda Sekendra Mahin
Mahmuda Sekendra MahinVice-Presidential Candidate
Dear Marianopolis,

As a lot of you, I started a heavy-loaded first semester brimming with schedule mix-ups, the bewilderment of how higher education functions, and the uttermost excitement to join all the clubs. These became my hovering perception of Marianopolis’ student life. This, however, changed with the outburst of COVID-19. Something sudden and filled with uncertainty hit us and we, the students of Marianopolis, reacted to it through understanding, critical thinking, and consideration. With students supporting and showing concern for one another, a new list of vocabulary now defines Marianopolis and its’ student life for me: Unity, Collaboration, and Reliability. These three words encourage me to run for your Vice-President and set the ground rules for the ideas I will present to you. I intend on running as Vice-President of Administrative Affairs not only to ensure, but to improve and carry on the public relations between clubs and students for the sake of a more unified, collaborative, and reliable Marianopolis.

The enthusiastic appetite of making sure everything is adequate has demonstrated itself in my active participation in clubs from all fields of interest – from reporting to the Marianopolis World Review, participating in the Green Team, representing Marianopolis in Silver Key, all the way to celebrating culture in the South Asians’ Club. I deepened my desire of management by being a proud secretariat member of MariMUN 2020 as well one of the co-founders of Marianopolis’ Female Force. Upon actively engaging in the already transparent and advocating student life, I will use the mandate of a Vice-President to work towards making it an improved, dependable, and magnetic environment.

It’s Time.

Yours truly,
Mahmuda Sekendra Mahin

Miriam Hotter
Miriam HotterPresidential Candidate
Dear MSU,

From a very young age, I loved being my classmates’ representative. Throughout high
school, I was able to recite any passage from the Student Handbook to protect the rights of students. My inclination to stand up for my classmates was not simply a characteristic that I left in high school; it has become a part of my identity. Even though I am naturally someone who speaks my mind and advocates for others, I am able to recognize that not everyone feels comfortable putting themselves out there. I feel as though it is my duty to ensure that every student feels and knows that they have a voice, even in such a large school where our voices seem to get blown away by the wind. Given that the President acts as a Director on the Board of Governors, I would be able to allow students to be heard at the highest level of management.

This semester, my friend and I created the Physics Club at Marianopolis which has put
me in contact with many executives from other clubs, allowing me to understand what people love about student life. Although Marianopolis has a great reputation for having hard-working and bright students, I believe that it can work on the feeling of community and pride. I think that the more that people participate in student life, the more enriched the education will be at the College. Education should be more than just amazing classes; it should also be obtained by the great people in our school who’s different opinions, cultures and personalities can teach us much more than just our mandatory classes. As President, I would aim to return the feeling of student pride, upholding the school’s value of community.

Thank you for considering my application.

Miriam Hotter

Shuzhao Feng
Shuzhao FengVice-Presidential Candidate
Dear students of Winter 2020 semester,

I would first like to wish good health for every Marianopolis student and staff, as the College is going through a difficult time due to the coronavirus disease. My name is Shuzhao, and I run my campaign for the position of Vice President of Administrative Affairs in Congress, simply known as Vice President.

Let me first introduce myself. I was born August 6, 2001 in China. For the first 11 years of my life, I grew up in that lovely place with good memories of my childhood. In 2012, I came to Montreal with my parents in order to feel a different environment than the one that I always lived. From 2014 to 2019, I pursued my secondary study at Jean-de-Brébeuf College. Since Fall 2019 semester, I attend Health Science program at Marianopolis College where I met wonderful people as I believe you all are.

In the beginning, I decided to run my campaign simply because I wish before all to be part of the Congress to contribute my effort to our student life. Regarding the specific choice to run my campaign for the position of Vice President, I am currently member of multiple clubs and the Vice President of Internal Affairs in Marianopolis Werewolf Club. I enjoy interacting with clubs and being part of club activities, and I would love to expand further my involvement in club affairs in general through this position.

As a candidate for this position, I am fully aware that its duty essentially consists fulfilling student needs. Therefore, if you have any comment or if you want further information on my campaign, please feel free to send me an email to the address at top (or MIO me) and I will be glad to answer you as soon as possible. I sincerely wish to be part of the Congress next year, and I hope that you could vote for me as Vice President of the Congress.

Shuzhao Feng

Luka Ignjatovic
Luka IgnjatovicPresidential Candidate
Dear Marianopolis Student Union,

My name is Luka Ignjatovic and I am a student of Pure and Applied Sciences. I have decided to throw my hat into the ring to become the President of the Marianopolis Student Union.

The primary focus of my campaign will be increasing the sustainability – environmentally
speaking – of the school’s operations, maintaining the Union’s transparency throughout its many proceedings as well continuing the efforts in making student life stress-free as possible. I would be delighted to share more details about each of these pillars of my platform. For a preview, you can refer to this Web site:

I believe that my professionalism and determination, accompanied by the affinity to foster relationships both with students and faculty, make me a great candidate for this position.


Luka Ignjatovic

Charles Frédette
Charles FrédetteVice-Presidential Candidate
Dear Marianopolis Student Union,

My name is Charles Frédette, and I am a student in Commerce. I have decided to pursue the nomination of being a candidate in the 2020 Election for the role of Vice President of the Marianopolis Student Union.

My campaign will be focused on three pillars: Transparency, Sustainability and Stress-Free. Alongside the application of ESG factors, my priority is to continue the efforts of the current elected officials and making Marianopolis College a more efficient place – especially in terms of environment and academic performance.

I would be delighted to share more details about each of these pillars of my platform. A detailed proposed plan can be read on this website:

I believe that my experience in running diverse operations in business and finance as well as the necessities learned through playing hockey at a Varsity level will allow me to be a successful elected officer in the Marianopolis Student Union.

Kind regards,

Charles Frédette

Laurence Liang
Laurence LiangPresidential Candidate
Dear fellow Marianopolis colleagues, staff, and elections committee,

As a fellow student and as an elected first-year Congress member, I have been very
appreciative and amazed by the resiliency and the sense of community of fellow
Marianopolis colleagues in promoting student life, supporting one another, and standing up for issues that matter. In this spirit, I believe that there is much potential for the student body at Marianopolis College to take a big leap to embolden our impact and our responsibility towards building a strong student environment, and to help the most vulnerable.

We are at a pivotal moment in both our lives and in human history. As students, we face
the challenges of finding our future path and of establishing our own voices. As a society, we face the everyday obstacles of rising social inequality, increasing climate disasters, defending human rights and diversity, and grappling with an ongoing tech revolution.

As a candidate for the MSU Congress of 2020-2021, I aim to address these issues, and
to increase the involvement that Marianopolis students can offer to defend our collective voices and integrity. To allow the best of our collective potential to face the worst of today’s challenges, I propose creating a fund for student projects with direct social impacts, pursuing current collaborations between students from different schools on these issues, and creating a platform to connect student projects with institutions and players who can help. For student life, I aim to increase visibility for mental health on campus, promote open expression of culture and arts, expand accessibility for tech activities, reinforce Congress’ transparency, continue to organize accessible and recurring social activities including end of semester celebrations, and to pursue services such MariWork that provide job opportunities.

Choose progress, and dare to dream big. That is what I aspire to contribute to, and
something I hope that as a collective group we support to build an even stronger community that includes every person, not leaving anyone behind.

With all the best,
Laurence Liang

Sherry Yang
Sherry YangVice-Presidential Candidate
Marianopolis Student Union,

My name is Sherry Yang and I am running for the position of Vice-President.
Now, you may be wondering: “What is she going to do for the student body?” Well,
that is an excellent question to which I will reply with: “Whatever you need.” Now I know
that may seem unrealistic, but if it were that easy, this position would serve no great purpose.
Ideally, my duty is to listen to your suggestions as to how we may improve student life and fulfill them to the best of our abilities.
Some ideas of what I would like to work on: lowering the cafeteria’s outrageous
prices, (finally) providing compost bins at school, hosting more intercollegiate events and anything else you may suggest. I would also like to implement activities, workshops, booths, etc. to support the student body during difficult times, such as finals season or during this very quarantine, for example. My ultimate goal is to take in all of the student body’s suggestions and turn them into a reality in order to enhance your experience at school.
I have experience communicating with the student body and school boards since I
have been a part of the student council during high school for a few years. I enjoyed working
alongside fellow students and bettering the school environment. I am a team worker, a great listener, and I am very passionate about making students happy. I believe that my experience makes me the perfect candidate for the Vice-President position.

Sherry Yang